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Art Pods


Epic Art Pods are 90-minute in-studio lessons for privately organized learning groups.

This is a fantastic opportunity to unplug, get out of the house, hang with friends, and to experiment with various art techniques and mediums as we focus on fundamentals of art and channel our inner Picasso's and O'Keeffe's!


You have the option of choosing any of the following exciting projects:

  1. Mixed media artwork + intuitive markings & patterns + Epic weaving (above + more on Instagram feed) 

  2. Modern mixed media mobile + texture & pattern + polymer &/or air dry clay + beads + cardboard  

  3. Tree House Design mixed media sculpture a go-to for builders (see "camps" for more info)

  4. 2-ft wooden "Dollhouse" or Castle Design (see "camps" for more info)

  5. Assemblage on canvas + themes "Camping and Creatures in the NW " or "Cityscape Madness" + layers of various paint, techniques, textures + constructing in 3D + embelllishments + oh, it glows too! 

  6. Pottery, kiln-fired projects, one main project and several smaller that are created during learning acivities.

If you are interested in a 1-day private friend or family workshop, Epic Art studio is yours for 90-min. with 4 up to 8 guests.

We encourage all friends and family members of all ages 5-100 yrs. to participate in this art making experience together.

It is a memorable and joy-filled shared experience whether it's family bonding, friends or a team/club event. 

I will guide you step by step through creating your personal masterpieces!

Exciting projects + engaging materials that motivate learners at any age to explore, play, and make!

  1. Beautiful bird collage on wood + decorative papers + stamp making + inspired by Peter Cromer & Lisa Congdon

  2. Mixed Media self portrait using paint + embellishments, faux plants + inspired by the fierce, Frida Khalo

  3. Printmaking + beautiful Mandalas + radial symmetry design (ages 10 & up) on wood

  4. Photo embroidary + oodles of embellishments inspired by brilliant Mexican textile artist Victoria Villasana

  5. Figure or animal sculpture + wire armature + plaster + paint on wood base.

Call or email to discuss project options + to select a day/time that fits you best!  This is a fabulous creative option and a 

stress-free way to invite your inner artist to come out and play for the day surrounded by friends + family!

Epic Pod Class Details


  • Age ranges are 5 & Up to be dropped off in-studio with a minimum of 4 - max 8 participants per Pod class.

  • Epic Pod class = $140 per student for a 4 week session/90-min. per week + flexible scheduling + one (1) masterpiece.

  • Please inquire if you prefer a virtual Pod class for your group.​ 

  • Additional material fees = $30 for 2-ft wooden dollhouse or castle; $20 kiln* fee for clay projects.

Epic Private Workshop Details

  • Age ranges are from 5-100 yrs with a minimum of 4 - max 8 participants.

  • Epic Private Workshop = $350 for 1.5-hrs. of art-making + flexible scheduling + one (1) masterpiece.

  • Please inquire if you prefer a virtual workshop for your group.

  • Children under 5-yrs. may create artwork with a parent free of charge. It's a fantastic opportunity to make art together! Please inquire about studio capacity + mini maker count.

General Details


  • Epic Art studio location is at Blakely Hall in Issaquah Highlands. It is a wonderfully large spaced, ventilated studio, with numerous windows and doors for access to fresh air and daily cleaning. All sanitary precautions will be taken for our art sessions including wearing masks at all times, frequent handwashing, & temps checked on arrival.


  • Epic Art provides students with their own box of most-used tools, such as, a brush set & drawing tools. Students are responsible for keeping their art tool box clean as tools will be used weekly and for any additional Epic classes.

 To learn more & inquire about scheduling your EPIC friend + family group, please email through the button below, text or call.



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