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Epic ART Project Wednesday share is Radial Symmetry Design! A wonderful collaborative project to do outside in the FALL but can easily be adapted for Spring/Summer months. 1. THE ASK: What is radial symmetry? What are natural examples of radial symmetry (starfish, human eye)? What are human made examples of radial symmetry (bike wheel, sand mandalas)? What other examples can you come up with on your own? 2. TO DO: Gather lots & lots of natural items found ON the ground (twigs, nuts, colorful leaves, grasses, flower petals, pebbles, pinecones etc.). Do NOT grab or pull LIVE items off a bush, tree, or from a neighbors garden. 3. TO DO: Create your own beautiful radial design on the ground outside using your found nature materials. If you are working in an area that is more dirt or sand-ish, you can also draw shapes or lines and incorporate into your design 4. TITLES: Titles are ever more important and give your viewers and followers a sense of what your work is about! I luv kids titles! Just another level of amazing so don't skip it! 4. PHOTO CAPTURE: Take a photo of your radial design artwork and share it! Due to the materials of this project, your finished work is temporary (see Goldsworthy below). 5. EPIC SHARE: Epic Art loves to see kids' art! Tag @epicart4kids OR email Info@Epic-Art.com and I will share it on my Kids Gallery @ www.Epic-Art.com 6. INSPIRATION: Check out Andy Goldsworthy! Luv his work - he is an English sculptor, photographer, and environmentalist who produces site-specific sculptures. Check out Tibetan sand mandalas and France's Chartres Cathedral stained glass windows too! 7. SCHOOL: If you are an educator and would like to do this project as school, go for it! I taught it to 5th graders for years; however, any grade level will have mega awesome results. TIPS: Have kids collect nature items from home & bring to class in paper bag (say no to plastic, please) on a set date. Do collect a big bag of your own. You will use your bag of goodies to supplement the groups of kids (2-4 per group is ideal) that gathered fewer supplies than others. Have them work together to create & title artwork! Do take a photo of each group's artwork > print 8x10 of each artwork > mount on 9x12 black paper + title & student names on each frame > hang on board to showcase work. What if it's raining? It happens ;) Pull brown or black butcher paper ~3'x3' for each group to set on floor in classroom to create their designs & photograph. ENJOY!

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