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I am Angela Bizzari, founder of Epic Art.  I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ohio Wesleyan University and a Master of Fine Arts, Indiana University. I have spent my career working within the art, entertainment news, online media, and publishing industries. 

During my career I had opportunities to work with some of America’s most iconic people and institutions such as: Smithsonian Institution, The Getty Museum, celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz, Pulitzer Prize photojournalist David Hume Kennerly, and Bill Gates photography company, Corbis.


I have spent the last 10+ years volunteering my time as a devoted parent, teacher, and leader in building a creative art foundation for my children’s school, supporting the arts, and sharing that passion with our school-wide community and now, you! 


Creativity and creative thinking throughout history have paved the way for new inventions, and we need more inventors and passionate problem solvers in our world today.  My role is to spark curiosity and set-up opportunities for children to explore and express their ideas creatively and proudly--to inspire our next generation of inventors and doers!

Image by George Pagan III
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