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I'm Angela Bizzari, the heart behind Epic Art, fueled by a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ohio Wesleyan University and a Master of Fine Arts from Indiana University. With a diverse background spanning art, entertainment news, online media, and publishing, I've had the privilege to collaborate with esteemed institutions like the Smithsonian Institution, photography icons such as Annie Leibovitz, Pulitzer Prize winner David Hume Kennerly, abstract impressionist Sam Francis and his estate, the esteemed Getty Museum, and spearheaded Bill Gates' Corbis' entertainment news division in LA.


For over a decade, I dedicated myself to fostering creativity as a parent, teacher, and community leader, cultivating a vibrant arts program at my children's schools. Now, my mission extends to you! I believe in the power of integrated art education, blending process-based exploration with oodles of mixed media materials with project-based learning to produce finished artworks, nurturing creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and personal growth.


Epic Art loves to build things and recognizes the power of 3D creation extends beyond mere artistry, nurturing spatial awareness, fine motor skills, emotional regulation, cognitive development, and self-expression, as kids dive into sculpting their imagination and shaping the world around them with depth and dimension. It's amazing to see the kids bring their ideas to life!


Epic Art is a hands-on enrichment program for children to explore, connect, and thrive colorfully, making artwork they are so proud to share with you! I hope to see your family fall in love with Epic Art during summer camps, classes, and workshops!  ~Angela

Image by George Pagan III
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